Thursday, April 30, 2015

30 April 2015

songs background : WHO YOU ARE // JESSIE J

finding the perfect first word is always.. something.
you struggled to want to make a good impression to what youre about to say next
but not wanting to sound common
or too extraordinary.
anyway today i was driving when this came into my head.
who am i?
how do i describe myself?
what will i tell people, about me?
and thats it.
im stuck.
i cant find the slightest perfect first word to even describe me.
i find this fact amazing and yet so sad, both at the same time.

sometimes you think you know yourself well.
so sure of who you are.
for example, sometimes we thought we're over someone.
because you dont have feelings for the person anymore.
but no, yknow.
because sometimes, talking about the person, or the memories they gave you,
it excites the inner-kiddy you.
so does that mean youre over someone,
or you just miss the memories?
so at that point,
do you know who you are?

so after that thought,
panic strikes, and i laughed at how panic i was
like dangg this is amazing.
i dont know me, when i thought, i really really thought i do.
so i started asked around,
starting to call people around.
and i got some really funny answers.
like everybody who answered was so so shock that i asked that
and i wanted answer like right away.
like no call-me-back-later or whatsoever.
'i want answer and i want it now'
and i got answers that is suprising,
funny and more.
their responses are :-
i would say.........
"my level of sarcasm is really really high" (Tabak)
"im blessed. for my surrounding, being surrounded by my families, my friends. im blessed" (Yatie)
"im amazing" (Ken)
"i love numbers. and i love to eat" (Afiq Zaki)
"im handsome, im charming, im tall, im great, im amazing. and more about me" (Aizat Daniel)
"im tall. and when i smile, i dont look like it" (Aqil)
"i will only answer that question when necessary" (Solhi)
"im rich. im handsome. im too rich, i have problems to sleep and woke up to thinking how to spend all my money away" (Richard Lee)
"im a reborn man" (Syed)
"patience kot.. sometimes not so friendly" (Asha)

you see, whats amazing is
what you tell people, that describe you.
sometimes you unconsciously describe yourself by
what you like,
or your habits,
or your surrounding
or simply,
what you feel about you.

up until now, i am so twisted about who or what or how i am.
because yes, i am not sure about myself.
but its fun to live in a world knowing
there are people out there
who are so confident about themselves.
they have been beaten down by so many things in life
and they all have the right reasons to give life up.
but no,
even when they are so down, or so normal,
they are so confident about one thing.

what would you say to describe you?

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